Wuxi Xinzhongrui Baby supplier Co.,Ltd. is located in the New distract of Wuxi city, near the Shuofang airport and Xidong High-speed rail, with convenient transportation and advanced economic. Wuxi Xinzhongrui Baby supplier Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and export of mother and baby products.

NCVIbrand is established in 2009 and over ten years experience. We have obtained 3A contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise of Wuxi City, famous trademark of Wuxi City and famous trademark of Jiangsu Province. It took the lead in passing ISO9001 quality management system, ISO13485 quality management system of medical devices, etc., and joined Jiangsu pregnancy and Infant Products Association in 2018 as the governing unit.

NCVI has expand the factory area from 5000㎡ to 15000 ㎡ and 33000㎡. The new factory of 50000㎡ has under building. NCVI has obtained 95 trademarks,144 appearance patents and 28 of practical new patent.

It's impossible to walk a thousand miles without the accumulation of small steps. Develop from nothing, from small to large. Every product, each details consisted of the efforts of NCVI staffs. With hard-working and struggle, day and night, achieving a satisfactory result, gaining the recognition of the market and the trust of customers.

We are insist the “natural care, valuable insistence”. Our design concept is brief, personal, pleasant and comfortable and it's the gene that we implanted into the brand. We advocate healthy feeding, and we hope that every mother and child who uses NCVI products can feel our care.

Serve for Chinese new mothers, provide healthy and comfortable services for thousands of families, grow up hand in hand, NCVI will always be with you.

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